Buying and selling a vehicle


In this section we discuss some of the issues you will need to be aware of when you buy or sell a vehicle.

Registration marks

See 'Registration marks' for a discussion on:

  • Transferring and retaining a registration mark
  • Getting a number plate for a vehicle

Registering a vehicle

See 'Registering a vehicle' for a discussion on:

  • Registering a vehicle
  • Registering an old or imported vehicle
  • Replacing a registration document

Import and export

See 'Import and export' for a discussion on:

  • The Single Vehicle Approval Scheme
  • Importing and exporting a vehicle
  • Registering an imported vehicle

Buying and selling

See 'Buying and selling' for a discussion on:

  • Notifying the DVLA in Swansea if you have recently bought or sold a vehicle
  • Taxing a vehicle
  • Advice on buying a vehicle

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